BOX is a movie about people craving intimacy. How they suffer when intimacy is lost. How they succeed when they live inside of it. And how, possibly, the ones who are good at it can help the ones who are not so good. A short film shot on the SONY F65 camera starring Mink Stole.





The Buzz Kill

A book club of great friends, three couples, take a trip to Mexico for a long weekend. They did not invite the newest member, Michelle, because she never shuts up and ruins everything. But she gets the email by mistake and shows up anyway, "Surprise!"

They have to get rid of her. And they do. But was it murder? And how the hell are they going to escape Mexico now with the cops up their rears? And what happens to their relationships under such great pressure? Sometimes, you just have to kill someone to find out.



Oh, The Horror! is a romping, urbane Zombie movie. Justin, who wants to open a club one day, his supportive girlfriend, Lyanne, his best gay friend, Patty, and their tough gal pal Tania Slitty peel out of their hometown of Barstow in an old Duster and head off the hundred miles to LA. First stop: The Troubador in West Hollywood for a concert. But what the f***? Zombies are taking over.

And because they’ve started their smorgasbord of flesh in West Hollywood, the world perceives it as a homo epidemic. A classic horror/escape from LA saga, with zombies, many of them truly gay, running around eating the terrified flesh of mankind, Oh, The Horror! makes fun of one and all, often with a martini in its hand and a wink in its oozing eyeball.


The final blow-out scene ends at The Grove, the latest outdoor shopping mall “lifestyle center”. Justin, with Patty, Susan Jackson (the strong black woman they’ve collected) and an army of broom-wielding fags save Lyanne and Tania from eternal Zombie-ruin as they cling to existence, holding tight onto the faux stonework of the “American Girl Place” mega-doll store.

The Coda: Six months later: after the slathering mess is abated, LA has become a city that has integrated its Zombies. Justin, too, has turned into one of the living dead...and that’s just one of the reasons why his new club that he opens is so successful.

Written with Bradford Brillowski, three-time Emmy Award winning producer of Ellen, Oh, The Horror! awaits production.


is an original one hour television pilot inquiring deep into the personal finances of one family in the New York metropolitan area.

With as much dignity as they can muster, the Argents face the fiscal crumbling of the American middle class in the twenty-first century.

Carl Argent provided well for his family as an insurance agent and real estate man. His three grown children, Susan, the poor harpist, Steven, the overextended accountant who just lost his McMansion and Frank, the youngest, a rich surgical center king, unite around their father and his bank accounts as he faces his mortality due to a touch of cancer.

His grabby second wife, naturally, believes the kids should be able to take care of themselves now that they are all approaching middle age. But how can they in a culture that is all about MONEY and nothing else?

Aunt Terry, the loving but poor matriarch, narrates. Everyone wants money. Everyone needs money. As the cash pie shrinks, the greedy spatulas get bigger. Could it be any other way?