Stark Raving Mad

Has the world gone mad? Are bullets the only thing anyone pays attention to any longer? What is the television doing taking over our everyday thoughts? And who is that handsome young reporter in the virtual reality helmet chasing everyone around the house for a good news story?

Three siblings, Loyalty (who cares about no one), Discipline (who does anything he feels like doing) and Patience (who thinks through nothing) are lathered into a ruse on Independence Day at their father's house to expose the newspaperman rapist who sired Patience's baby- a baby who is surprisingly born at intermission. Stories get crossed.

Discipline, who is naturally bisexual and shouts in French love jests, chases after the young reporter. Loyalty decides to leave her brutish husband for an ineffectual statistician (brilliantly originated by Tim Maculan). Patience decides to shoot her father because she thinks he is in on covering up her rape. An Armenian detective snoops, who is, by the way, not really an Armenian detective at all. She serves as the heart of this play and also possesses the necessary linguistics to pull off this ruse in English and silly French.


When asked how she, as an Armenian, knows so many languages, she replies, "Forgotten as a race, we immerse ourselves in Berlitz." Patience is ultimately avenged with the help of her family, realizes her father is not evil after all and everyone decides to start a new life together, raising a baby in the optimistic state of New Hampshire.