The Winner

If every drop of oil in the world eventually landed into the hands of two very greedy people and they made sure that all that oil was burned for maximum profit with no regard to how that affects the earth, well, you would find yourself in the set-up of this dark one-act play.

The burning of all that oil has used up all the earth's oxygen and there is only one canister of breathable air left. The two very greedy people, who are husband and wife, but no matter, and their maid, who serves them dutifully until her end, must each cagily try to become the last surviving person on earth. And the key to that survival is one little canister of air.

Do they ever deny their actions destroyed the earth? Every minute. Do they care that everyone else on earth has died except for them with their enormous bags of money? Never. Are they still duking it out to see who gets to be the last survivor on the planet while holding all the world's wealth? Absolutely. That's the play. May the most clever person win.

The Winner was staged at the West Coast Ensemble as part of the one act play series, Forks in the Road to horrified audiences.

The Winner was a finalist for the Heideman Award, Actors Theater of Louisville and was published in Issue #25 of Post Road Magazine.